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Let's Rock Life!

This page contains a short bio of my accomplishments so far and lets me share with you why No Ego is created.


Combining My Passions

I'm convinced that every person on Earth has different areas that truly energizes them. Engaging in one of these areas gets you excited, may it be through thinking about it or any action towards it.


The main sign to identify such an area: Something that gives so much more than it costs you. Something you know you can do forever and ever and never get tired.


I found mine in my twenties. Which are:

1. Development of technology. Ever since childhood, I have been fascinated about new technological advancements. From cars to mobile phones, from computers to space engineering, from new CPU's to new network communication algorithms; you name it. However, in my adolescent years, I discovered two new passions that have driven me ever since. Which brings us to.. 

2. Social development. OMG, words can not describe how much this has helped me in my life! I was a very shy teenager with zero confidence before I started this. Since then, it helped with my friendships, it bettered the way I can present myself, it was essential in business meetings and it boosted my love life to incredible heights. Soon after I began developing socially, I started meditating. This triggered a third passion inside me.

3. Spiritual Growth, "The discovery of your inner self" was a vague term that never really clicked in my logical brain until I was a couple months into meditation. I discovered for myself that I could gain control of everything inside of me by actually practicing surrender, acceptance and non-judgement (and I mean literally controlling everything!: Your mental state, your thoughts, your emotions, your reaction to your emotions, your body control, your auto-immune system, your stress levels, dealing with traumas, the way you move through live, listening to your intuition, knowing where you have to be in the moment, discovering your purpose and of course  detaching from your ego).  This practice gave me an incredible feeling of freedom, joy and love that I can use in my everyday life.

Now, I am also convinced that everyone can find their (unique) purpose by a combination of these areas. See it like a personal sweet spot activity that is in the overlapping part of all your energy-giving areas. After a lot of meditation, it hit me in one of my sessions:

My purpose, my combination of these areas, is creating a wide range of products and services based on technology that benefit the growth of personal and global consciousness, to help people detach from their ego and truly see the world. 


No Ego is the platform where these products and services will be released. 


Phil grew up in a town in the Netherlands called Tilburg. He cruised through high school and was especially good in Math and Physics. In these years he was shy but loved to do crazy out-of-the-box things. Also, gaming was one of the main activities.

At the age of 17 he got his diploma and went to the Radboud University in Nijmegen. After trying to study physics and astronomy he quickly switched to studying computer science. This opened his world view of what was possible in life. Students at computer science introduced him to social development, which became a big fascination. 

At the age of 20 he started to work at the R&D department of GX Software, where he tested the products and was working on their new product in the Java programming language. This was his first glimpse at working in an Agile team.

At 24 he got his Bachelor degree in computer science by researching the privacy issues of Google Voice Assistant. By this time he was also meditating for a couple of years. The effects of this sparked a big fascination for spiritual growth. 

One year later, while studying his Master degree, he found his calling and got a crystal clear feeling of what he wants to contribute to this world. This led him to quit his job and terminate his study to go all-in on what is now the No Ego platform. 

He is now helping people that work in the IT to develop an awesome mindset, building apps to enhance awareness and meeting creative people that work for the same cause: A better world where no one is identified with their ego.