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How to make your New Year's Resolutions stick

27 Jan 2020




How frustrating is it to set some new aspirational goals each year, only to forget them a few months later? We've all been there! This year I noticed something different though. There were a couple of friends of mine that had just given up on the whole resolution stuff because for them ‘it was never working out'. I know with certainty that it can work for everyone, if only people knew how (and how tremendously it could help them).


So, in this first blogpost I want to cover some tactics that make my resolutions stick like glue…

As you can see this blog differs from most text-based blogs, I wanted to write a little bit of (con)text in this textual form. However, I want to transfer the majority of the information through speech, and ultimately with video. As a blogger, this gives me a lot of space to experiment. I’m curious what you think of this style, so feedback is always welcome.


But I digress. Resolutions is what I want to talk about! Making 2020 your best year ever! That’s what I want to inspire. So in this video there are three main aspects to help you stick to your new goals for the year. 

In short they are:

  1. Imagine a goal that is exactly in your mind’s sweetspot (let your hormones work for you)

  2. Repeat your goals without spending more time on them

  3. Emotionalize the end-result and the post-end result (a very powerful manifestation technique by the way)

Enjoy the video^^

So a lot of inspiration of this video comes from neuroscientist John Assaraf and legendary life coach Anthony Robbins. To see their phenomenal books you can check this page.


Hearing these techniques gives you a better understanding of how you can stick to your goals, but actually trying and doing these techniques will benefit to your growth and personal development on an exponential level!


I wish you the best year ever! Thanks for your time!