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No_Ego:: Technical_Solutions_Plan

My long-term plan is to infuse the world with numerous technical solutions, that will raise the consciousness of the user to their next level.


Imagine it as a bunch of tiny technological awareness-drops, around the globe, that will move different people to a higher consciousness and a better way of living.


This company wants to reach all the people who are not interested in training their awareness and still lift their states to the next level!


This is an ambitious task, but we truly believe that we are living in times where this can be realized with marvelous speed. 

Why is this the perfect timing?

We are living in a time where the internet is connecting us again. As learned in spiritual teachings, we are always connected. Connected both from the inside and soul to soul. The unique thing of this day and age is that we are now also connected from the outside, through all kinds of different digital networks.


With just a few clicks we can have a group conversation with a man in India, a lady from Australia, a zen monk in Tibet, a skydiver in the Himalaya and a stoned dude in Amsterdam! One could reach virtually anyone, instantly!


That is why I see a perfect opportunity to utilize this digital outer-connection, to establish and enhance our human inner-connection. 

The 3 Phases to reach global awakening

To achieve this goal, I constructed three interconnected phases. 


The three phases are an essential part in realizing a flexible multi-talented group of creative beings that can develop solutions, with enormous production speed.


It's designed in such a way that our resource pool is always overflowing with skills and creativity in a scalable structure. Small ideas require compact groups, large innovations will require a larger number of talented people.

I know I cannot do this alone, therefore the first phase is:

Phase 1:


Connecting with talent all around the world. 

I am meeting awesome people now that want to make this world a better place.

Our objective is to have a versatile and mobile team with committed and highly skilled people to produce tech solutions in rapid speed.

This team will create apps and other solutions on different beautiful locations all around the world.


Sometimes we work in an awesome AirBnB in Thailand and in other occasions we will create a new app on the beaches of the Caribbean.

Creating this team is essential to...

Phase 2:


In this phase the team will be able to create technical solutions with great enjoyment.

Our objective is to have released 25 solutions that will raise human consciousness, by January 2025

These applications will all have a unique design, functionality and target audience.

Every solution will provide tremendous value to the target audience, while raising their inner awareness.

A clear vision and our arsenal of skills will make it possible to create in rapid speed. From idea to product in one month

All these awesomeness will reach the whole planet by using the 'ripple effect' model.

Phase 3:

Spreading Awareness

Every product we make will be made with love and over-delivers by design. By releasing it and reaching the people that need it we will throw stones into water.

This will create ripple effects on different places around the world, affecting all kinds of people, communities and groups.

Every ripple has the purpose to stop self-sabotage in people and let them feel more love and freedom than before.

Enough small ripples will create big waves, and big waves can move mountains..

Every product we make will traverse through these three phases.


First, we meet the right people for the job! Second, we will create the new solution in an awesome environment with a lot of fun and enjoyment. And third, we will deliver to the people that need it with a lot of love!

Are you excited to be a part of this creation cycle? You can always contact me via Mail (see form below).