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Inspiration:: Talks && Interviews

Nowadays, there is a lot of knowledge easily found on YouTube. You just have to know where to find them.

To save you some time, here is a list of talks and interviews that really inspired me.

Just click on the Image or Title to go to YouTube.


Tony Buzan, Leader in Mind Mapping, is sharing a timeless and beautiful message in this TED talk. This is a MUST WATCH for everyone who wants to work in alignment with the mind. Thank me later ^^


Tony Buzan

The Power of a Mind to Map

I resonate a lot with this man. Kyle is someone who dived deep inside himself to have profound wisdom and mixes this with this love and experience of comedy. This call goes deep into habits and how the ego operates in all of this. A very clear notion of how identification with the ego can fuck our lives up if we are not aware of this.

Kyle Cease

Kyle Cease

Removing the Painful History from Your Body

With humor and laughter this wise man shares a lot of wisdom. Amazing to see what happens when you keep growing spiritually for a long time. I am very inspired by this man!

Tom Bilyeu


This Indian Mystic Drops Knowledge Bombs

If you are watching this list it is probably due to the various ways of marketing that brought you here. I am strongly convinced that, in this digitally connected world, we do not have to pay anymore to market your expertise. This video is a crash course how to do this.


Sebastian Beja

How to Grow Your Business Without Spending Money On Advertising

This couple is one of the most transparent and vulnerable couples I have ever seen on YouTube. The clarity in which they lay out the dynamics of integrity helped me tremendously in my own life. Must Watch!


Chris & Heidi Powell

How to Build Self-Confidence and Self-Belief