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Hello, World!

(I want to welcome you to the most intense coaching page ever)

Are you working as a computer engineer?

Do you feel lonely returning home after work?

Did you land your dream job, but do you still lack a sense of fulfillment?

Do you feel stuck and uninspired?

Do you sometimes wonder if there is more to life?

Do you feel an urge to change, but fail to see how?

I used to feel the same way, but decided a few years ago to take my life in another direction.

It's time to stop tolerating this feeling.

It's time to change.

I'm determined to guide you towards making this change!

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Hey, I am Phil

I really want to tell you why I am so motivated to help every IT specialist out there to get the best out of their life.  

Nowadays, when people meet me, they are often amazed by the passion, the free expression, the confidence and ease I radiate into this world. I am unbelievably grateful for all the compliments I'm getting, but people fail to realize that I wasn't born with these traits. No, it is quite the opposite...

Recently, my mom told me that I was extremely shy as a child. I was always avoiding new experiences, I was scared to meet people and I feared change. I often hid under the table in school, afraid of the teacher and afraid of showing myself. 

I'll spare you the details, but I've spend years fighting my own mind until one day I had enough. I had enough of the constant negative thoughts and self-doubt. I had enough of the constant mental objections that were preventing me from being myself. This was no healthy way to live. I decided to change!

This decision was back in 2011, more than 8 years ago. The journey I've been on since that moment is one I could have never imagined.


That's why I know everything, literally everything, about yourself can be changed as long as you put your mind to it!

You can increase your productivity exponentially, you can train your flexibility, courage, empathy, confidence and charisma. You can mute your thoughts at will. You can listen to your intuition in such a way that you will always know where you need to go. You can move effortlessly through every social situation. You can reach your full potential with ease!

You only need to know how, and unfortunately this is not taught in schools...

This is why I want to teach it to the people who want to make this change. I want you to experience true inner-fulfillment. I want to get you back in the driver's seat of your life, no matter what has happened in your past.

I learned everything in the most inconvenient way throughout the years, but I'm certain this can be taught and experienced more efficiently.


But why IT?

I studied computer science at university and have worked for more than six years at a software company in the Netherlands. I love technical growth and I enjoy coding. During this time, when I was surrounded with computer science students, professors and colleagues, I clearly noticed a couple of things.

My observations of computer scientists are as followed: 

Computer scientists are..

  • the driving force of the digital revolution

  • the future

  • the only people who truly know how all the digital automation is working

  • logical and creative at the same time, especially in designing their algorithms

  • in possession of a vast amount of knowledge concerning tons of different topics and innovations

  • badasses in Googling stuff! ("Ah we meet again, stackoverflow")

I love IT specialists and I love to work with them. They already know how to code and solve their digital problems, so now I want to teach them how to solve their 'out-of-the-computer' problems too.

I want to teach you how to debug and reprogram yourself! Imagine your possibilities with these skills!

So are you working in computer science and ready to make such a change? Let's schedule a call and see if I can help you.

IT all begins with mindset..

I am motivated and now able to teach you how to debug yourself and really design the live you want to have.

As a wise man once said: "Your thoughts lead to your choices. Your choices lead to actions. Your actions lead to your behavior. Your behavior lead to your experiences. Your experiences lead to certain emotions and these emotions dictate your thoughts"

This beautiful cycle is something we all experience and yet it is hard to grasp for many. Hearing this sucks, because it means we are actually fully responsible for our life situation! We want to look the other way. We think it's too hard and unachievable.

So what if I told you it's not that hard at all? What if I told you it's truly exciting to work on this part of your life? Scary? Yes, a little, but too hard? Not at all! It's like riding a roller coaster for the first time. When you're standing in line you may think 'Oh fuck, what am I doing now? Is this a good idea? I want to get out!', but afterwards you immediately want to go again, forgotten you were scared in the first place.

It is this exciting, because a little change in mindset creates a range of other actions, which lead to better behavior, which lead to awesome experiences! 'Oh hell yes, I just got a totally rad experience! I want to go again!'

This all starts with changing your mindset

If you want to be able to prevent burn-outs, if you want to dodge a mid-life crisis, if you want to inspire the people around you by just being yourself, IT all starts by making changes to your mindset!

I can guide you in monitoring these thoughts, emotions and beliefs about yourself, because I have tons of experience that I can throw at you.

I'm positive anyone can be in the driver's seat of their life much faster than I did. There's a lot of online bullshit nowadays that won't help you grow and are just a waste of time. I, however, respect your time and it's why I am convinced that what I learned in 8 years, you can learn in 8 weeks! However..

The first step is to take action!

So what is it that I am offering?

I've developed a 1-on-1 online coaching service, made especially for all the computer scientists out there!

In short: Mindset Coaching for IT people

This service includes:

  • 8 weeks of no bullshit "straight to the point" teachings that will create a better version of YOU!

    • Fine-tuned for people with a technical background​

    • No vague spiritual terms, just growth of your awareness via practical and applicable advice

    • Everything is testable and can be applied immediately

    • It's designed for building resilience to today's stress levels (so no more burnouts or midlife crises!)

  • 2 live video sessions per week

  • Real-time answering of personal questions during the week, via audio messaging

  • Only real-talk that goes to the core

  • New habits that change the quality of your life, taught in easy-to-understand algorithms (see the preview below!)

  • Info-graphics to explain deep shit in a simple way, which will help you tremendously

  • Mindset shifts that will increase your productivity, confidence and emotional state

  • A very fun time!

Everything I teach originates from books, live programs, seminars and life experiences I soaked up over the last 8 years.


The whole program is designed in such a way that you can still do this next to your work and hobbies

If you do not experience significant change after the first three weeks, just tell me and you'll get a full refund!

Available in

two languages

Designed for Engineers






Phil heeft in mij een kwartje doen vallen wat tegen een knikker aanrolde die in een gat viel waardoor het een radar doet draaien die de gehele mechaniek van mijn brein, zijn en wezen op zijn kop heeft gezet.


Ik ben door hem zoveel meer achter leven gaan zoeken en hij zal voor mij altijd een belangrijke plek in mijn hart behouden” 

— Jesse

To sum it all up:

Years of experience
At your disposal
8 week program
Designed for IT peope
All the tools and skills
for lasting change

If you are not already  satisfied in the first three weeks, you get a full refund!