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Get an Answer to Every Question!

A Very Powerful Meditation Technique


29 Jan 2020



Picture by Rakicevic Nunad

I think it's fair to say that everyone has dilemmas, issues that leave us clueless and answers we wish to know but can never figure out on our own. Look no further because this technique is going to bring the answer to you. So buckle up, because in half an hour you can have answers in front of you that would normally require you to pay a mentor, or a shady carnival fortune teller.

'Think about the things you always wanted to know, or an important decision where you can't wrap your head around'

In this blog you are going to get answers to 4 important questions you want to ask.

This meditation is all about receiving answers from another vibration/energy. To do this we need to open ourselves up to receiving answers (and I know this sounds hippie as f*ck). To illustrate what I mean with 'opening ourselves to receive', I'll use the beautiful picture above. 

Let's imagine that our body is the jar you see above. Yes, that's right, you are a nice jar filled with stars at this moment! So in this meditation we're going to prime one of your questions by repeating it 5 times and then listen for a possible answer. This priming can be seen as creating the red stars you see in the jar. Every time you ask the question more primed red stars are created in the jar. 

Then after the fifth time of asking the question you open up your jar and listen for 5 minutes for possible answers. These answers can be seen as the white answer stars in the picture above. It's important that you opened the jar, because if you stay closed there could be a thousand white 'answer' stars around you that can never reach the inside of the jar. 

Asking the question = creating red stars, then listening for 5 minutes in a mini meditation = opening the jar and receiving an answer.

If it's still not clear, don't worry! The video underneath will guide you through it^^

There is just a little more that will make you ready for this meditation.


So in this meditation you need some pen and paper to write down your 4 questions. Another thing that is essential is a super comfortable chair, bed, couch or cushion.  It's very important you are in a comfortable safe space when doing this.

So that's basically it! You can start the video now and let yourself be guided through this process.

I hope you got some pretty profound answers from this meditation. 

This whole post is inspired massively by a man named Kyle Cease, here are links to his website and his YouTube channel, he has such deep wisdom and combines it with loads of humor. He has changed my life massively! So a big shout-out to him!

Do this meditation as frequently as you'd like, but only ask questions that you really want to know the anwsers to.

With Love,