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To let no one be identified with the ego. That is our goal! 

Every thing that is, or will be, created through this platform has the purpose of raising awareness

Our core purpose:

To eliminate self-sabotage from the human species, using technology as the main vehicle, by 2035.

There has never been a time where we are more connected with each other. The internet and the digital revolution have made it possible to connect with everyone around the world.

This means that we as a species are not just spiritually connected as one, but also on a communicative level.

This company is committed to using this connection to eliminate self-sabotage, so that every person can experience a constant state of enjoyment, wonder and peacefulness.

Have you ever experienced a moment where you felt stupid, clumsy or awkward? Of course you have, we sabotage ourselves all the time!

We may think we know how to control our body and mind, but do we really? Do we know how it functions optimally? Do we act in coherence with our thought and feelings all the time?


Is your 'inside world' a harmoniously aligned oasis of thoughts, intuition, emotion and imagination? Or is your 'inside world' a chaos of different inputs, all pointing in separate directions, that you are forced to somehow make sense of to produce a sustainable living?

I know my inside world was a total disaster, filled with destructive and insecure thoughts, constraining emotions and zero self-esteem! It's not hard to imagine that the actions I produced were no better.

Fortunately, I'm here to tell you I found a way out. I flipped the script and have enjoyed the benefits of this decision ever since. 

Now, 8 years on, I can finally point at the cause of this self-sabotage that has held me back for almost twenty years: my ego or, to be precise, my 'full identification with the ego'. 


A firm hold unto my self-image was causing all this trouble. Identification with the ego (let's call this 'i-ego') was producing a lot of toxicity into my life.

After experiencing this liberation of i-ego in myself, I started seeing i-ego everywhere. In my friends, my family, in almost every person's complaint, but especially in politics and corporate businesses!

It is producing toxicity everywhere! 

Greedy decisions made to have more money, more power, more fame and more personal gain, all at the expense of others. These toxic ambitions all originate from the ego.

This has to stop! That's why this company wants to use technology to tackle the problem at the roots: 

completely dissolve identification with the ego


Virtually everybody is using some form of technology in their daily lives. Therefore, this is our ideal platform to reach many people. That is why we decided to combine spiritual knowledge with technological development to spread consciousness into the world. Not just to anyone, however. In the beginning, we want to reach a special kind of people:


The people who are not at all interested in spiritual practices or in training their awareness 

People who are already interested in the expansion of their awareness, have all the sources they need to achieve a higher state of Being. People who are not, can be reached in other ways.

This is why we want to reach them through a wide range of technological solutions, such as apps, websites and gadgets. These are super useful for a specific audience and at the same time sprinkle in awareness when using them.

Where to begin?

"Being free from ego enables people to feel their intuition fully,

see their life situation more clearly and to not be led by their emotions and the voice inside their head.


It liberates people of thinking and acting in a dualistic reality, a reality of 'Me' and the rest, and brings them to a place of unity."

We know this is easier said than done, so we created a three-phase plan to realize this. Do you want to read the plan or join our mission?


On the other hand, do you want to achieve a new level of awareness by disidentifying from your ego? This is the place to be: 

Technology meets Consciousness

Creating the Bridge between Consciousness and Technology


Explore the different channels in which our message is transferred


Explore Our Channels

IT Solutions

Creating technological tools to let people disidentify with their ego.


This is a long term plan that consists of three phases. We are now in phase 1.


To read more about this plan and what we are accomplishing please click the button below.


Mindset Coaching for IT people;







Meet the founder

BSc Computer Science | Java Developer | Test Automation Engineer | Combining technology and consciousness 

Hi, I am Phil, and this text above will probably be the latest LinkedIn description of myself. You see, as with every person, this description only defines some surface level labels which are already established within our society.


I Believe a person is much more than these labels. I Believe a person is defined much more by their core and the amount of which they are living true to that core. I Believe that someone is defined and valued by their energy and what they contribute to other people’s lives.


Like everyone, I am on a personal journey through life. This path is filled with successes and failures, with love and regret, with excitement and sometimes boredom. I really feel this is an inner evolution we all go through as human beings and I am determined to maximize this inner evolution in myself, and by doing so also maximize the evolution of others.


The last years I went into the depth of my being to become aware of myself. To embody all my strengths and weaknesses. This process led me to a state of full clarity. Being able to move effortlessly through situations and challenges who first seemed impossible. A state of consistent and unlimited joy.


I am dedicated to let people reach this state themselves! I really want to let them feel this unlimited state of joy and ease.


This is one of the reasons I build No Ego. It’s the platform that uses all kinds of technology to let people reach this state!


Thank you for being here.


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